Who are we?

DUALEAP is a technology company that develops innovative solutions and processes by engineering the most sought after concepts that will shape the future of various industries such as aviation, energy and maritime.

Having understood the cross-industry applicability of our solutions and more importantly, in order to reflect our forward thinking changes, we rebranded to DUALEAP from Waxwing Avionics.


What do we do?

Technological breakthrough always occur years in advance of their true potential being realised in industry. This means that there are numerous golden opportunities of achievable operational efficiencies waiting to be tapped into.


At DUALEAP we identify and pursue the best of these potentials across various industries and develop solutions that truly help businesses. We bridge the gap between what is possible and the status quo.


Our Vision

To build a connected world with next generation technologies realised closer to today.

Our Mission

To engineer viable technological solutions that growing industries can adopt to enhance their operations and gear up for tomorrow.